Advantages with us

At “Hiking Engineers” we manufacture all types of crane components and also supply the separately. Components such as:

  • Wire rope drum
  • Rope guide
  • Gears
  • Electric Motors
  • All types of brakes (including Electromagnetic disc brakes as well as Hydraulic thruster brakes)
  • Fail safe limit switches
  • Push buttons and Remote controls

  System Design:

  • Design Flexibility
  • Lighter building loads
  • Pre-engineered components available to custom fit
  • Efficient use of floor and air space
  • Optimum material Flow

  Ease Of Installation:

  • All cranes are completely mechanically and electrically assembled and factory tested
  • Runway girders are pre-fabricated, pre-punched, pre-cut and pre-painted.
  • Match marked crane runways reduce installation time.
  • Crane Girders use Bolt-together construction for slices and supports.

  Ease Of Expansion:

  • Under slung design permits economical expansion of the crane system with additional monorails.
  • Bolt-together girders construction allows for easy modification
  • Standard design of all components ensures compatibility.

  Ease Of Maintenance:

  • Interchangeable standard parts.
  • Trolley design allows easy wheel changing.
  • Hardened operating track reduces need for girder beam replacement.
  • Steel wheel with hardened treads for long life span.
  • Hardened gears in reducers.

  A Wide Range Of Options:

  • Multiple configurations with multiple runways and interlocking system monorails.
  • Single and double girder with box type construction is available.

  Optional Feature:

  • Overload switch
  • Power circuit limit switch
  • Load cells
  • Trail limits for bridge and trolley
  • Weighing lifter equipment
  • Alarms
  • Variable speed hoist control
  • Wireless Radio Remote
  • Two speed bridge and trolley motions

Typical Crane installation :-

  Flexible Fabrication:

  • Simple attachment to a pre-engineered building
  • Compensates for building expansion
  • Compensates for initial misalignments and easy re-leveling of girders

  Three piece Track:

  • Less beam weight
  • Hard, high-carbon steel operating treads
  • Flat and uniform width operating treads

  Hoisting Mechanism:

  • As per required by the application or as per specified by the client

  Control Panel:

  • Totally enclosed cover
  • Manual disconnect switch
  • Main-line contactor
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Motor running over current protection
  • Fused secondary on transformer
  • Brake resistors


  • Helical Gears
  • Splash lubricated
  • Hardened Gears

  Drive Motor:

  • Class-B insulation
  • Squirrel cage motor
  • Crane duty
  • Disc brakes as well as hydraulic thruster brakes

  Articulating Trolleys:

  • Steel wheels
  • Easily removable wheels
  • Trolley design reduces asymmetric loading

  Control Pendant:

  • Control position from either hoist or carrier or from trolley at clients’ option
  • push button type remote or wireless radio remote control

Standardized our product purely because of our range of Product Quality, Reliability, Experience & Service Support