Company Profile

“Hiking Engineers” is a leading manufacturer and supplier with a portfolio that covers a wide range of “Material Handling Equipments” specifically designed to meet the Industrial Requirements.

Hiking Engineers was established in the year 1987, by Mr. Nilesh A. Gajjar sited at Ahmedabad. The founder and managing director Mr. Nilesh Gajjar , who is currently leading the company with their vision to provide “Best of the Best” to our clients. His idea behind providing such wide range of products and quality assured with them, is that the customers will not have to look at other places. He was and still believes in “Heavier Safety at Lighter Cost”.

For legitimacy and credibility, we have ISO9001:2015 and NSIC certificates for both Quality Management System as well as Government oriented benefits covered under as an MSME firm.

Manufacturer of Cranes

Our mission is to provide best in class solution from our product portfolio and after sales service, to build up trust worthy relations with our prospective clients by providing them prominent satisfaction.

Why Hiking Engineers ?

As mentioned earlier, we are ISO9001:2015 certified company for our Quality Management System. Apart from that, we have products ranging from 500 Kg to 50 TON and more for all sorts of material handing equipments such as Overhead EOT Cranes & Under slung Cranes with Double and Single girder arrangement also GOODS Lift and Scissor Lift of both mechanical and hydraulic type and many other products.

The products which we provide under the brand name of “HIKING” are known for its High Tensile Strength, Optimum Performance and Robust Construction; on top of that, we have never compromised on quality at any cost. In fact our motto is “What we are telling you; is what we are selling you”.

Before the Internet came to existence, most business transactions occurred after a face to face meetings, we value those old school methods as well as modern day state of the art technology, with that we have engineering qualified spokes-persons having knowledge of technical expertise to convert customers needs and requirements into reality with utmost client satisfaction.

We are constantly growing with our constantly learning practices from our previous projects to make our existing products from better to the Best by applying formula of “Keep tweaking it to make it better”.

Application Area :-

As the name “Crane” suggests, it is used to lift loads of any type with various working conditions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Hangers and Ship yards
  • Power Stations
  • Harbors
  • Warehouses & Storage Units
  • Railway yards
  • Automotive Industries
  • Food industries
  • Text-tile industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Piping Industries
  • Erection of bulky equipments
  • Loading/Unloading of trucks
  • Mostly in all sorts of Industries requiring of lifting and transferring of material from one place to another.

Standardized our product purely because of our range of Product Quality, Reliability, Experience & Service Support